Friday, April 16, 2010

Endings... and Beginnings

This has been a week of daughter-drama at my house. First I received a phone call from Brooklyn where my first born received word that she did not get the job she thought she wanted. After processing that, and all the attendant 20-something angst, the second daughter came home from school and collapsed into tears over a too-hard Calculus class (which I can do nothing to help clarify). As I reflected on the drama, I began to see similarities. Both of my children are struggling with endings...and beginnings.

College has ended for one, and it is about to begin for the other. Jobs are ending, friendships are changing, homes are moving, dreams are shifting. Endings are tricky things when one is 18, or 23, or 55! And endings are essential for beginnings. I am hard pressed to come up with any "beginning" in this life which does not at first demand an "ending" of one kind or another. Certainly this is true for the process of birth, and re-birth.

In this season of "beginnings", let me embrace "endings" ... and let me be wise enough to recognize the difference between them!


  1. this morning I read chapter 1: Loss from the book "The Story of Ruth: 12 movements of a woman's life" by Joan Chittester. You share the wisdom of endings being beginnings with this wise old nun. If you haven't had an opportunity to read this book, I highly recommend it.
    I've been thinking of you a lot these days and hope you are doing well with your new insides:)

  2. That last comment by the way was from me... Susan.